Tour – Hidden Paths exhibition dates

As more and more of the youth strikes call for ‘system change not climate change’ our timely exhibition explores what this might mean, and the challenges and possible pathways to get there. 

Here is a short promo trailer video about the show, followed by tour dates. Video credit: Idil Bozkurt from 

Promo video:



ONCA Gallery, (full exhibition, launch) 16th-20th October 

Change Festival, Warwick Arts Centre, (VR only) October 19-20

TOUR DATES – 2020  

Schumacher College (workshops, not open to public): 24th-25th March

Dartington Hall (full exhibition): 27th March – 25th April.

Museum of Croydon (full exhibition): 30th April to 20th June 

POLLEN international conference, (VR only) location TBC, 24th to 26th June


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