Katharine Vega

Katharine Vega

Katharine Vega is an artist, director, researcher and educator at creative studio chroma.space.

During ArtCOP21 work began on Cascade: a project of creative activism, systems change and story. Katharine works on this as Specialist Advisory Member to Further Arts in Vanuatu and Trans Arts Alliance in Australia / Aotearoa New Zealand.

Katharine’s art is grounded in original research into shared experience, touch and multi-sensory communication through her PhD at the University of Sussex. Embracing the sense that questions of mental, social and environmental ecology do not simply inform each other, but depend on each other, she works with contemporary neuroscience to explore unconscious processes, dream, collective intelligence and social transformation.

Art and performance work shows nationally and internationally. She is a trained Warm Data Lab facilitator working with open conversations on complexity to activate ecological thinking in communities.


Twitter: @kategenevieve

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