The System Change HIVE is a creative engine room to explore alternative futures and visions of society.

15 young and established UK artists have come together to work with experts TO IMAGINE NEW SYSTEMS. Exploring pathways to BRIGHTER, FAIRER, SUSTAINABLE FUTURES.

Based in Brighton, UK, the Hive brings together an interdisciplinary team of emerging and established artists, academic researchers, communicators, and immersive technology experts.

The multiple crises we face, from climate change to inequality to mental health, are deeply interrelated. A new path is urgently needed. 

Our process of informed radical dreaming will result in an immersive art exhibition to inspire and inform the public about possibilities for new systems based on zero carbon and well-being for all. It will also lead to new learnings on ways to communicate system change, and insights for changemakers about how new systems might feel and function.



VR video excerpt – Community

Here is a video excerpt of one of the pathways explored in the virtual reality experience, a museum of futures, created by our artists. In




If you’re interested in working with the System Change HIVE, we’d love to hear from you.

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